Parent Involvement

​We encourage parents to be involved in the life of their school.  We have a vibrant parent community who contributes regularly to their children’s education in a range of ways:

  • Fortnightly school assemblies: Our assemblies are a time when we gather together as a school, reflect on the virtue of the week, and present awards to the students. We also recite our school prayer, sing the National Anthem, and hear some messages from teachers. Parents are welcomed to come along.

  • Classroom assistance: The range of ways in which parents can assist the teacher and their child is many and varied. Activities will depend on the class teacher and the year level. Assistance may be sought with activities such as reading, writing, the perceptual motor program, and craft. Parents may also be invited to assist with sporting teams, particularly in our upper year levels.

  • Classroom coordinators: Class Coordinators play a very important role in the school. Their role is to provide the links between home and school, assist the school with liaison with parents about school matters, show a preparedness to approach people about school matters and ask for assistance (eg help running a stall at the fete), foster care and concern for one another by ‘keeping an eye’ on members of the ‘class family’ and organise some form of social interaction with the parents (both mums and dads) on a regular basis (eg a class morning tea at school).

  • Parents & Friends Association: The Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) is an integral part of our school, planning and organising activities for the school’s benefit.

  • Pastoral School Board: The Pastoral School Board involves the local community in the big picture of school planning and is concerned with nurturing the dignity and self worth of people, building life giving relationships and the wholistic educational welfare of the students.

  • Contributing Professional Expertise to School or Classroom: We have a number of parents whose contribution to the school is their donation of professional expertise or experience.  Other parents bring their professional expertise into the classroom, talking to students about their profession, industry or their pathway to their current role.

  • Uniform Shop: The Uniform Shop is staffed by volunteers and makes the job of buying new and second-hand uniforms much easier for all parents.

  • Tuckshop: The Tuckshop at St Elizabeth's is an extension of the school and is a service provided for the children and is staffed by volunteers and overseen by a Tuckshop Convenor.

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