School ICLT Approach

Student achievement is the key factor in our approach to Information, Communication and Learning Technologies (ICLT).  As members of a digital age, it is vital that students are provided with every opportunity to engage with each other, with information and with the world in a safe environment.  By introducing students to the responsibilities of digital citizenship at this age, appropriate learning can occur within a safe controlled environment, so that these necessary skills are grasped as early as is practical.

At St Elizabeth's, we provide a 1:1 laptop program for students in Year 4-6, and individual access to a laptop in Year 3. Year 2 have a bank of laptops and iPads to access, while Prep and Year 1 use iPads.

Currently our device of choice is the 13" Macbook Air and Apple iPads.

Each year we have information sessions for parents on this topic and will continue to do so in subsequent years.‚Äč