Curriculum Information

At St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, we look to innovate upon the learning and teaching taking place in each classroom to ensure we are creating a rigorous and engaging curriculum to challenge each student.

Planning, teaching, assessment and reporting at St Elizabeth’s are completed in line with the Australian Curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum is designed to develop successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. The progression of learning from Foundation to Year 10 makes it clear to teachers, parents and students what will be taught at each year level.

The Australian Curriculum defines a solid foundation in knowledge, understanding skills and values for all Australian children.

It recognises that children are different; they develop at different rates, have different learning preferences and areas of interest, and have different aspirations.

The three-dimensional design of the Australian Curriculum recognises the importance of knowledge, skills and understanding alongside general capabilities and cross curricula priorities. The general capabilities play a significant role in the Australian Curriculum in equipping students to live and work sucessfully in the twenty-first century. These include:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Intercultural Understanding
Cross-curriculm priorities provide national, regional and global dimensions which will enrich the curriculum. They include:
  • ​Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
  • Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia
  • Sustainability

Research tells u​s very strongly that the single most important factor in determining a child’s achievement is the child themselves; their values, beliefs, motivations and the other factors which go toward making that child who they are.

​Specialist teach​ers are employed for the teaching of Physical Education, Visual Arts,  Music in Prep to Year Six, (including clarinet lessons for Year Three students), and French in Year Three to Six​.

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​​All other subjects are taught by home​room teachers. Various additional support staff including Support Teachers: Inclusive Education, Learning Enhancement Teachers​, Teacher Librarian, Guidance Counsellor and School Officers work collaboratively with class teachers to ensure that student needs are addressed in ensuring all students access the curriculum as fully as possible.