Early Years

Welcome to the Early Years at St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School Tarragindi! We take great pride in providing a nurturing and developmentally appropriate early learning environment for our students from Prep to Grade 3.

At St Elizabeth's, we believe in engaging our students through a range of developmentally appropriate activities. Our experienced and dedicated teachers design lessons and learning experiences that cater to each child's unique needs and interests based on the Australian Curriculum. From hands-on activities to interactive technology-based learning, our curriculum ensures that all students are actively involved in their learning journey.

Understanding the importance of movement breaks, we incorporate regular physical activity into our daily schedule. These breaks allow our students to refresh and recharge, enhancing their focus and concentration. Our spacious outdoor play areas and well-equipped indoor spaces encourage movement and active play, promoting holistic development.

One of the key literacy programs we use at St Elizabeth's is Sounds Write. This research-based phonics program helps our students develop solid foundational skills in reading, writing, and spelling. By providing systematic and explicit instruction, Sounds Write equips our students with essential literacy skills that serve as the building blocks for their future learning.

Our Prep students have the privilege of being buddies with our Grade 6 students. This buddy program not only fosters a sense of community and belonging but also encourages peer support, leadership and mentorship. Through various collaborative activities and shared experiences, our students develop strong bonds and learn valuable social skills.

Promoting the overall wellbeing of our students is one of our top priorities. In Semester 1, we focus on the theme of friendship, emphasizing the importance of making friends and being a good friend. We teach our students how to navigate social situations and resolve conflicts through role modelling and practice within the classroom environment to set all students up for success.

In Term 3, we introduce the concept of interoceptive processing and self-regulation. Through age-appropriate activities and strategies, we help our students recognize and understand their internal sensations and how their body is feeling.  This is taught through the Health Curriculum in class and by providing all students with tools to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours, we empower them to become more independent and resilient learners.

During Term 4, our focus shifts towards personal safety and cyber safety. We equip our students with the knowledge and skills to identify potential dangers and make safe choices both online and offline. Through discussions, workshops, and engaging activities, we ensure that our students are well-informed and prepared to navigate the digital world responsibly.

Prep – Grade 3 students all experience their core curriculum with their classroom teachers and are then guided through additional specialist areas with specialised teachers and lessons through the week.  Students are immersed in The Arts curriculum via Visual Arts lessons each week, Digital and Design Technology, Physical Education Lessons and also Dance, Drama and Music lessons across the year to allow them to experience a greater understanding of these areas.  Grade 3 is also a special year, where students are gaining further independence and understanding of their world.  Students commence learning French and also learn the clarinet through our music immersion program, which can lead to opportunities to join our incredible school bands.

We also have Learning Enhancement teachers to support all learners across our school at their individual levels. At St Elizabeth's we have a high level of students who participate in our gifted and talented program, where they are given multiple opportunities to further extend their learning throughout the year with our specialised Learning Enhancement teachers.

At St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School Tarragindi, we strive to create a positive and enriching early years' experience for our students. Our dedicated staff, developmentally appropriate programs, and focus on wellbeing ensure that every child is nurtured and supported in their learning journey from the very first moment of walking into school. We invite you to join us and be a part of the St Elizabeth's family!


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