Religious Education Program

Religiou​s Education

At St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that​ the Catholic school is essentially a community based on belief in Go​​​d and the Christian way of life. We encourage and support the faith development of all community members in all areas of school life. This is facilitated through our Religious Education Program, which is comprised of two dimensions: The Religious Life of the School and the Religious Education Curriculum.

​All in the community are welcomed to participate in the Religious Life of the School. Whole school and class prayer occurs daily, significant days are celebrated through liturgy and Gospel values are modelled through daily interactions. Classes join the fortnightly Parish Mass in the St Elizabeth's Chapel.

​The Religious Education Curriculum, developed by the Archdiocese of Brisbane, is the basis for classroom teaching of religion. The focus is on the development of knowledge and skills. The curriculum is divided into four strands: Church, Sacred Texts, Beliefs and Christian Life. ​

Sacrame​nt​al Prog​ram​

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