Camps & Excursions


Camps and excursions provide a balance between formal learning and life experiences and serve to promote the children's total development.  These activities focus on experience in the wider community and foster mutual respect and co-operation.  We advise parents when extra-curricula activities, camps, or excursions are being planned and supply details as required. 

​Our Camping Program

Year 5 students participate in a three-days, two-nights camp at QCCC - Mapleton.  which provides a great setting for activities such as giant swing and archery.

Year 6 students participate in a three day, two night camp at Emu Gully, Helidon.​ This camp, based on the values and spirit of the ANZAC's, aims to build teamwork and leadership skills.

Excursions and incursions

Each year level has a budget allocated to incursions and excursions.  This is in addition to funds set aside for whole school performances.  Excursions take the students to venues off-site to experience educational or life lessons.  With incursions, visitors come to the school to entertain and educate our students.