​The Tuckshop at St Elizabeth​'s is an exte​​nsion of the school and is a service provided for the children. It is staffed by volunteers and overseen by the Tuckshop Convenor. The Convenor is assisted and guided by a Tuckshop Committee, which is a Sub-Committee of the P & F. 

​​​Parent help in the Tuckshop is always welcomed. Parents are also invited to bake cakes and slices that can be sold in the Tuckshop. A weekly roster for helpers and cake bakers is prepared by the Tuckshop convenor and is published in the school newsletter.

Tucksh​​op Procedures

Tuckshop​​ Days are Wednesday (1st break only) Thursday and Friday (1st and 2nd breaks). Food is ordered via the online payment system Qkr!​ before 8am on these days (see below). A receipt will be issued immediately to confirn that the transaction has been successful. 

Qkr Paym​​​​ent

​St Elizabeth’​s uses Qkr! (pronounced Quicker) for online ordering and this is the only method of payment for the Tuckshop orders.