​​​​There is something about St Elizabeth’s that is really special.  The minute you enter our grounds, you can feel friendship and warm​th.

We cherish our supportive community spirit. We celebrate our faith with creative and contemporary liturgies, give practical witne​ss to gospel values and explore current social issues. Open communication between staff, students and families is encouraged. Throughout the school year, many opportunities are provided for school families and parishioners to be actively involved in educational, operational, social and fundraising activities.

As you experience the daily school routine, you can see how we care for each other:

  • Through the Buddies Program. Our older students play a key role in ensuring our younger students are happy and secure within our school community.
  • Each class has one or more Parent Class Coordinators whose important role has social, pastoral and communicative functions. In times of family distress and hardship it is truly amazing how much support is offered by class families.
  • Our School Fete provides a showcase for our sense of community in terms of parent hours, energy, creativity and comradery.

  • As a caring community we recognise the importance of supporting those less fortunate. On St Elizabeth’s Day, money is raised through fun activities to support the St Vincent de Paul Society. At the End-of-Year Liturgy, each class donates non-perishable foods for the society to distribute at Christmas. Apart from these annual events, at times of unexpected hardship the school community rallies around.