Daily Routine

​The timetable for staff and students at St Elizabeth’s School is as follows:

Morning Session​ ​8:40am to 10:45am
​1st Break ​10:45am to 11:25am
​Middle Session ​11:25am to 1:30pm
​There is a five minute quiet meditation/reflection time from 12:30-12:35pm. During this time all members of the community are asked to stop for silence and stillness.
2nd Break ​1:30pm to 1:50pm
​Afternoon Session ​1:50pm to 3:00pm

As classes commence promptly at 8.40am, it is necessary for the children to be at school from 8.30am.  As
playground supervision is not available until 8.15am, students should not be at school before this time unless
engaged in a supervised activity. Children and parents should not enter classrooms prior to 8.40am unless the class teacher is present and has opened the doors. Many teachers schedule meetings before school or use this time as preparation for the day’s activities. Parents are always welcome to schedule a meeting with a class teacher at a time that is mutually convenient. Any child who is in the school grounds before 8.15am is expected to be enrolled in the Outside School Hours Care program. Before School Care operates from 7am daily.

School finishes at 3pm and children are supervised in Effingham Street until 3.20pm and Cracknell Road until 3.10pm.
Parents are asked to ensure that children are collected prior to this time. After School Care operates daily from 3pm – 6pm.  For safety reasons, any child who is not collected by 3.30pm is expected to be enrolled in the Outside School Hours Care program.

Please keep in mind that the Outside School Hours Care facility operated at St Elizabeth’s uses the play spaces both before and after school. For this reason, please be mindful of vacating the areas required by OSHC, particularly Christi Court and the Multipurpose Court, as early as possibly. Christi Court is required for use at 3:00pm and the Multipurpose by 3:30pm.

There are four main play areas within St Elizabeth’s. Staff supervise these areas during both eating and play time.  All students eat in the first part of break and then play for the second, longer section of this break.