Buddies Program

​​The Buddies Program is an important feature of our school. It is one of the most successful forms of pastoral care in our school community.

In this program, each seni​​​or student introduces one of the youngest and newest members of the school community, their buddy, to school life and these relationships are strengthened through joint activities. This program allows the Year 6's to develop leadership qualities while providing the Prep children with a support network.

Both younger and older students benefit from this program. Students in the upper grades​​ enjoy visiting their buddy. Their involvement varies from one week to the next. Activities generally include reading a story or listening to the younger student read, assisting with an activity such as craft, or playing games. Our Year 6 students have buddies in Prep and Year 5 students have buddies in Year 1.

One of the amazing thin​​gs about our Buddy Program is that students remember each other for years to come. The friendships formed are long-lasting.