Student Support

​We acknowledge that children develop at different rates as they are unique.  Some require some extra support – other​​s need extension. 

At St Elizabeth’s​​, we operate with a Student Support Services Team, which is comprised of Support Teachers (Inclusive Education), Literacy and Numeracy Enhancement Co-Teachers, Learning Enhancement Teachers, guidance Counsellor and other associated professionals such as Speech Pathologists as required.  These people work collaboratively with students, teachers and parents to ensure that needs are identified and appropriate programs and interventions put in place to extend or support students. They have key partnership responsibilities together with the school leadership team, teachers, parents, consultants and other professionals, in fostering a school culture that enhances the educational outcomes of students.

​​​The school also has several School Officers who assist students with special needs. Key focus areas include: reading, writing, oral language, numerical understanding and computation. Some of our School Officers also provide support to students who are verified as having additional, specific needs in the educational setting.  

Extension Progr​​ams

Just as the class teacher make adjustments to his/her teaching program to cater for students experiencing difficulty, provision is als​​o made for children to achieve outcomes beyond the ‘expected’ level for their class. 

Many students at St Elizabeth’s achieve to a high level academically and as a result formalised programs exist to enrich or extend these student​​s where appropriate. Opportunities are available for children to participate in a range of programs and competitions that challenge their learning.

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