Curriculum Information

​​​Planning, teaching, ​assessment and reporting at St Elizabeth’s are completed in line with the Australian Curriculum. The enactment of the Australian Curriculum at our individual school level is focused on:

  • A shared understanding and belief that all students are able to succeed.
  • A shared understanding and belief in high expectations in all areas for all students.

Research tells u​s very strongly that the single most important factor in determining a child’s achievement is the child themselves; their values, beliefs, motivations and the other factors which go toward making that child who they are. Beyond this, the single greatest school based factor affecting student achievement is the class teacher.

​Specialist teach​ers are employed for the teaching of Physical Education, Art, French and Music in Prep to Year Six.

SEPS171026-1103.JPGAll other subjects, including English, Mathematics, Scienc​​e, History and Geography (Phase One of the Australian Curriculum) are completed in general class groups. Various additional support staff including Support Teachers: Inclusive Education, Literacy and Numeracy Co-Teachers, Learning Enhancement Teachers, Teacher Librarian, Guidance Counsellor and School Officers work collaboratively with class teachers to ensure that students needs are addressed in ensuring all students access the curriculum as fully as possible.

Technology plays an increasingly important role in contemporary education. St Elizabeth’s School places great value on ensuring appropriate technology is available to, and used by, all students. Technology however is ultimately a tool for accessing the curriculum and can never replace effective teaching. As a result, all technology is used as a tool to enhance and support age appropriate and effective teaching and learning.

The Australian Curriculum focuses on learning area content and achievement standards that describe what students will learn and teachers will teach. It also gives attention to seven general capabilities that are important for life and work in the 21st century and to three issues identified in the Melbourne Declaration as needing more attention than they have received in curricula to date. The general capabilities and the cross-curriculum priorities are embedded in teacher planning.

General Capa​​bilities  

Cross-cur​​riculum priorities