Camps & Excursions



Camps and excursions provide a balance between formal learning and life experiences and serve to promote the children's total development.  These activities focus on experience in the wider community and foster mutual respect and co-operation.  We always parents when extra-curricula activities, camps, or excursions are being planned and supply details as required. 

Our Camping Program

Year 5 students participate in a three-days, two-nights camp at Camp North Pine - located on the site where the North Pine markets operate every Sunday.  Only 40km from school, it comprises a historical village and a museum while also providing a great setting for activities such as canoeing and bush walking. Children also engage in activities such as raft building, low ropes, archery, and sweet or jam making.

We are currently planning our Year 6 Camp for 2017.  More details will be published soon.

Excursions and incursions

Each year level has a budget allocated to incursions and excursions.  This is in addition to funds set aside for whole school performances.  Excursions take the students to venues off-site to experience educational or life lessons.  With incursions, visitors come to the school to entertain and educate our students.