Extra Curricular Activities


Our strong focus on quality education is complemented by services and programs outside the classroom.

Speech and Drama

Being involved in Speech and Drama can make a positive difference to a child’s academic and social development. It can increase a child’s self-confidence, in and out of the classroom, improve creative and analytical thought and develop physical. Practical skills such as reading and public speaking are also be improved in our one-hour classes.
Speech and Drama students have the opportunity to participate in the Brisbane Eisteddfod and AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) Drama Exams.

Instrumental Music & Strings Program

The Instrumental Music Program offers a unique and exciting experience of music. Group and individual lessons are available for:
• flute
• clarinet
• alto/tenor saxophone​
• trumpet
• trombone
• baritone​
• percussion
• bass guitar ​
A weekly rehearsal session is held before school for an hour for those in the Instrumental Band Program. Students also have weekly small group tutorials or individual lessons during school time for half an hour. Students in the Band perform within the school community and, occasionally, perform in the wider community. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival and local band festivals.


St Eliz-1201.jpgGuitar lessons are available after school for students in Years 4 to 6.   They run for 30 minutes and small group and paired lessons are available.
The lessons focus on a range of guitar skills but also include music fundamentals: theory, songs, performing, listening, composing, improvising, analysing and learning how to read standard music notation and tablature.  Children not only learn how to play chords, accompaniment and melodies on the guitar – they also learn how to perform, create, write, analyse, describe and listen to music.


Chess is a game of great skill that also has many skills to teach our students.  One-hour chess classes are held once a week after school and they help children learn logical reasoning, planning skills, anticipation skills, the need for persistence and how to win and lose.