Student Wellbeing

​Fostering Student Wellbeing at St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School: Nurturing Minds, Bodies, and Souls!


​At St Elizabeth's, we firmly believe that fostering the overall development of our students goes beyond their academic achievements. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that supports the wellbeing of each student, helping them flourish not only academically but also emotionally, socially, and spiritually.


Creating a Positive Learning Environment:


Emotional Wellbeing:

We understand that emotional wellbeing is crucial for a student's success. With that in mind, we have implemented a comprehensive Curriculum and set of processes based around the latest research and curriculum requirements to support the emotional wellbeing, emotional regulation and interoceptive processing for all students.  This is explicitly taught to all students from prep – grade 6 to ensure we have a common language and ability to empower all students to know how to navigate our changing world.


Social Connections:

At St Elizabeth's, we encourage strong social connections amongst our students. Our engaging and inclusive classroom activities promote teamwork, positive communication, and cooperation. We also offer various extracurricular workshops that allow students to connect with like-minded peers and develop valuable friendships. Through this social interaction, our students learn the value of empathy, respect, and diversity.  Through our Health Curriculum, we also explicitly teach all students how to make friends, how to be a friend and what to do when conflict arises.  This gives us all a common language to use to quickly resolve any problems which will arise.


Physical Wellbeing:

We strongly believe in the adage, "A healthy body leads to a healthy mind." To promote physical wellbeing, we offer a range of sporting opportunities and encourage participation in regular exercise throughout the school day. Our programs incorporate age-appropriate activities, stimulating both gross and fine motor skills. Furthermore, our school tuckshop, which is open Wednesday - Friday focuses on providing nourishing and balanced options, ensuring our students have the energy they need to thrive.


Supporting Spiritual Growth:


Faith Formation:

As a Catholic school, St Elizabeth's places great importance on nurturing the spiritual development of our students. We provide a solid religious education curriculum that explores the Catholic faith, values, and traditions in a recontextualised approach. Our school and teachers are always available to guide and support students on their spiritual journey.


Community Engagement:

We actively encourage the involvement of our students in the wider community, fostering a sense of responsibility and compassion. Through various community service initiatives, our students learn the importance of giving back and making a positive impact on those less fortunate. We also arrange regular prayer services and liturgical celebrations, fostering a sense of unity and worship. 


Leadership Program:

Our Grade 6 Leaders, are leaders all year and have the opportunity to rotate around four Leadership Groups throughout the year:


-       Community Committee – Leading and organising community events

-       Faith and Mission Committee – Leading and organising Liturgies and Charity events

-       Laudato Si Committee – Leading our school in sustainable practices and gardening

-       Lunchtime Workshop Committee – Leading Lunchtime workshops each day for all students to participate in


Our Grade 6 Leaders also have many opportunities to be role models and work closely with our preps and grade one students to support them through their early years of learning.


At St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, we prioritize the holistic development of each child and  recognise that their wellbeing is crucial for their overall success and happiness. By fostering emotional support, social connections, physical health, spiritual growth, leadership and community engagement, we aim to equip our students with the necessary tools to navigate through life with confidence and resilience.