Statement of Special Religious Character

​​The Special Religious Character of our school is:

  • Centred on Jesus Christ and his Gospel, reflected in our school motto, Caritas Christi;
  • Inspired by the life of our patron saint, St Elizabeth of Hungary, and the charism of our founders, the Presentation Order;  and
  • Enriched by the members of our school community.

Caritas​ Christi

The school motto ‘Love of Christ’ challenges us to demonstrate Christ-like loving kindness to others. This is reflected in our Pastoral Care, Virt​ues and Buddy Programs, Feast Day celebrations and various charitable events including the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper and Project Compassion.

The Teachings of Jesus Ch​​rist

We are a dynamic, spirit-filled, caring com​munity that celebrates the Gospel not only in our many liturgical events but also through authentic, practical expressions of gospel values.

St Elizabeth of Hu​​ngary      

St Elizabeth, the pio​​us daughter of a Hungarian king, was known for her charitable works, care of the sick and impoverished and establishment of hospitals. We strive to emulate her accomplishments within our school community.

The Presentation S​isters

This Religious Order was establish​ed by Nano Nagle, a young Irish lady of means, who was moved by the plight of the impoverished and believed education was a means of empowering people for life. The Presentation Charism of Apostolic Spirituality and Social Awareness reflect the modern day need for both a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and recognition of the human concerns of our world. Our curriculum is developed to engage, empower and nurture our children in an authentic Catholic community where quality teaching is balanced with a dynamic vision of God’s love.

Our Commu​nity

Our school is grateful for the forethought and effort of past members and proud of its continuing tradition of a warm and welcoming commu​nity with strong partnerships between students, staff, families and parish. With the decline in the number of Religious, the changing structure of the family unit and the demands of new technology, the challenge for the future will be to maintain the relevance and authenticity of spirituality, charitable kindness and social awareness.