Special Events

​​There are a range of special events at St Elizabeth’s School.  Some of these events include:​

Orientati​​​on Day

This is fo​r our incoming Prep Students and their families. It is held in mid-November.  On this day, parents attend a meeting and learn about a range of topics surrounding their child’s schooling.  For example:

  1. Curriculum
  2. Life in the Prep Classroom
  3. Parent Involvement
  4. Uniforms
  5. Library and Tuckshop Procedures

A range of speakers contribute to this presentation. (Even our Year 6 students have information to offer on topics such as camps and ​​buddies).  Parents also take away a comprehensive information pack.

While the parent meetin​g takes place, children are placed in their classrooms for the following year and have the opportunity to meet their teacher, Prep Assistant and peers.

A shared morning tea with parents, incoming Prep children and relevant staff then takes place.

On this day, parents have the opportunity to purchase uniforms.

Year 6 ​​Rite of Passage

We celebrate the rite of passage from Year 6 to secondary school with a special liturgy. This is prepared by the APRE, class teache​​rs and students. A presentation of awards follows this event. Parents are welcome to organise a supper if they wish.  Parents of Year 5 students may be invited to assist with this event.

Mother​s’ Day

Mother's Day offers the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful mum's in our school community.

Students visit our Mothers’ Day stall where they can purchase a gift.  Our mums are certainly well looked after. It is a great opportunity for children to make choices ans use coins and notes to purchase items.

A​ Mothers’ Day liturgy is prepared by the APRE.  Sometimes guest speakers are invited to talk about motherhood. It is a time to acknowledge the special place our mums hold in our hearts and those who act as a mother figure.

Fathers​​’ Day

Fathers’ enjoy a special breakfast a few days prior to Fathers’ Day.  This is a Dads and kids event. It is a great time for our Dads to bond with their children in a school setting and to meet other fathers.

Very Impor​tant Person’s Day (VIP Day)

Very Important Person’s Day (VIP​ Day) was formerly known as Grandparents’ Day. The name change was a deliberate attempt to ensure that children who do not have grandparents (or whose grandparents are unable to attend) fully realise that they can bring their parents along to this event.

The day begins with a liturgy and some entertainment from our children (e.g., the school band). Sometimes guest speakers are invited to tell s​ome tales on topics such as school in the olden days and what it’s like to be a grandparent. Grandparents are invited into the children’s classrooms to see their work, after which our special visitors join together for morning tea.


As a school we recognise ANZAC Day during a school liturgy a day or two before the event. Sometimes guest speakers are invited t​​o join us. On ANZAC Day, students and families are encouraged to gather together at Ekibin Memorial Park for an ANZAC Day service. Our school leaders and principal lay a wreath on this occasion.

Awesome Even​ing of The Arts

The Awesome​ Evening of The Arts is an evening where we can showcase all children’s talent in the areas of the Arts. It is an occasion where there is an opportunity to hear our Music and French students perform,  view artwork, listen to our bands and hear the choirs sing.

Schoo​​l Concert

A School Concert is held at the end of the year.  Sometimes it may take the form of a carols evening and at other times year levels ​​might address a particular theme (e.g., Christmas Around the World). The venue for this event may change from year to year.


Our P&F coordinate a disco during the year.​

School F​ete

Our biennial School Fe​​te is our biggest fundraiser on the school calendar. It takes place on the last Sunday in July every 2nd year. The involvement from parents at this event is amazing. Our true community spirit shines on this day