Student of the Week awards are distributed at our school’s fortnightly assembly. These awards often reflect particular virtues shown by students.  The names of the recipients of these awards and the reason for their award is published in the school newsletter.

Each fortnight at our school assembly Playground Champion awards are given to a student from Prep to Year 3 and a student from Years 4-6. To be eligible for this award, children must have been given a ticket with their name on it and have placed this in the relevant box near the staffroom.  Tickets​ are usually given for acts such as showing kindness to another student and picking up rubbish.  Award recipients are given a token that allows them to collect an iceblock from the Tuckshop.

​At the Graduation Evening, the following awards are distributed:

  1. The Rita Marshall Sporting Award
  2. The Martin Wilkie Academic Award
  3. The Fr Elliott School Spirit Award
  4. Fr Bernard McLauchlin Bursary Award

Rita Marshall Sporting ​​Award

This award has been donated to the school by the Marshall family in recognition of the tireless efforts of Rita Marshall as P & F P​resident of St Elizabeth’s for many years. The award is designed to acknowledge students who have excelled in areas such as soccer, cricket, swimming, athletics, and cross country. 

The Martin Wilkie Aca​​demic Award

This award started in 2002 to acknowledge the efforts of Martin Wilkie in his building up of the St Elizabeth’s community.   Martin was the Principal from 1995 to 2002.  This award has been designed to acknowledge the student/s who have excelled academically over the past 2 years across all subject areas.

The Fr Elliott Sch​​ool Spirit Award

This award is given to a boy and girl, who have bee​​n deemed to have shown a positive attitude towards their work; dealings with others; willingness to cooperate and help others and show initiative. These students encapsulate the Spirit of the St Elizabeth community.

Fr Bernard McLauchlin B​ursary Award

Father Bernard McLauchlin, former parish priest of Annerley, established the Father Bernard McLauchlin Bursary Fund in 1990 to commemorate the golden jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood on 24th July, 1940. Initially, the Fund was designed to provide ​annual bursaries over a five-year-period to students completing their primary school education at Mary Immaculate Primary School. With the merger of the Annerley and Ekibin parishes in 2003, the Trustees amended the Trust Deed to include students from St Elizabeth’s Primary School. 

The bursary recipients are selected by a panel consisting of the Parish Priest, the School Principal, APRE, and one or two othe​rs appointed by them. The selection is based on a students’ general contribution to the school community. The selection is not based on scholastic or sporting achievements, or on need, though these are factors that may be considered.  In the words of Fr McLauchlin, “The recipients must be successful, industrious, and capable.  Behaviour at home, at school and out of school must be sound. Attitude to parents and other children must be good and their faith must be important”.