Anti-Bullying Procedures

At St Elizabeth's School we show concern for all members of our school community.  We respect the rights of all children to have a peaceful and happy existence, free from the concerns of bullying, harassment, and consistent teasing from other children. The best known definition of bullying is “repeated oppression, psychological or physical, of a less powerful person by a more powerful person or group of persons (Rigby 1996). Put simply, “A person is bullied or victimised when he or she is exposed repeatedly and over time to negative action on the part of one or more other persons.” (Olveus).

  • Bullying will be dealt with seriously by all staff members. Upon referral by a community member, the teacher responsible for the child (class teacher) will investigate the situation at hand. If deemed necessary by the class teacher after satisfactory examination, the teacher may need to consult an administration member or refer the continued incidents to the school counsellor. The school counsellor will refer any instances of ‘bullying’ to the Principal. Further investigation and suitable consultative processes will occur under the guidance of the Principal.
  • Parents will be contacted if persistent bullying occurs, whether the child is the bully or the victim.
  • Bullying in the playground will result in the child's removal from play.
  • The problem of bullying will be monitored regularly by survey and observations and results will be acted upon.
  • Children who are consistently the victims of bullying will be given support and taught strategies to assist themselves effectively by the school counsellor, the administration team, the class teacher, and other suitable agencies deemed necessary by the Principal. This shall be done in consultation with the parents.