House Teams

​At St Elizabet​​​​h’s there are 3 ‘house teams’, namely:

Bergin, the GOLD team, named after Fr Basil Bergin the first Parish Priest when the school opened its doors in 1958.  He was Parish Priest at Ekibin from November, 1951 until his death in October, 1969.

Elliot, the RED team, named after Fr Graham Elliot, who was parish priest at Ekibin from January, 1976 until his death in April, 1999.  To date, he is the longest serving Parish Priest in the Ekibin Parish.

Nagle, the BLUE team, named after Nano Nagle, the founder of the Presentation Sisters.  When the school first opened its doors in January 1958, it was staffed by Sr Carmel, Sr Raphael, and Sr Emmanuel from the Presentation Order.

​Family members will be placed in the same team.