​The Tuckshop at St Elizabeth's is an exte​​nsion of the school and is a service provided for the children and is staffed by volunteers and overseen by a Tuckshop Convenor. The Convenor is assisted and guided by a Tuckshop Committee, which is a Sub-Committee of the P & F. The object of the Tuckshop is to provide a friendly, comfortable environment where the children can purchase nutritious food, prepared under State Health Department guidelines. The aim is to provide a variety of foods to appeal to children and also to adhere to Australian Nutrition Foundation Guidelines. 

The Tuckshop is often the first venue a child uses to practise skills regarding the use of money and negotiating purchasing pro​cesses. The children are encouraged to use this facility and are welcomed and assisted to make the Tuckshop an enjoyable experience for all students.

​​Parent help in the Tuckshop is always welcomed. Parents are also invited to bake cakes and slices that can be sold in the Tuckshop. A weekly roster for helpers and cake bakers is prepared by the Tuckshop convenor and is published in the school newsletter.

Tucksh​​op Procedures

Tuckshop​​ Days are Thursday and Friday. At First Break, food is to be ordered via the online payment system Qkr! (see below) and is then prepared and delivered to the classroom. At Second Break, students have the option of visiting the Tuckshop with their money to purchase snack items. Thursday and Friday orders need to be completed via the QKR App before 8am (same day). A receipt will be issued immediately to confirn that the transaction has been successful. Sushi Wednesday needs to be ordered via QKR before 12pm (noon) on the Tuesday prior.​

Qkr Paym​​​​ent

logos_qkrlogo.pngSt Elizabeth’​s uses Qkr! (pronounced Quicker) for online ordering and this is the only method of payment for the Tuckshop orders.