Assemblies & Celebrations of Learning

​School Assemblies

Our school assemblies are held fortnightly on Monday afternoons (on the even weeks of the term) and parents are always welcome!  Compered by our Year 6 students and led by different classes, our assemblies are a time to gather together as a school and reflect on the virtue of the week.  Students receive awards for their efforts, we recite our school prayer, sing the National Anthem, and hear some messages from teachers. Sometimes our Year 6 students have some messages to share too!

Celebrations of Learning

Our students have a chance to showcase their work through the Celebrations of Learning.  It is generally held after the children have finished a unit of work and parents and other students are invited to celebrate their learning.  The children host their own Celebration of Learning, presenting their work and explaining what they’ve learned.  This often forms part of their assessment and is one form of reporting to parents.