Guidance Counsellor

​Our Guida​nce Counsellor works across three local Catholic Primary Schools and visits the school for two days each week. Guidance Counselling at St Elizabeth’s incorporates proactive strategies and counselling for children needing social and emotional support.

Proactive work at St Elizabeth’s usually means involvement in planning or implementation of programs to foster students’ social and emotional wellb​​eing. For example, the Rock and Water Program which is designed to develop self-awareness and confidence in children, has been run with children in Years 4 to 6. Other programs to promote pro-social skills have been used across year levels (eg Game Factory, Watson Road, Circle Time and Friendly Kids Friendly Classrooms). Peer mediation is currently being provided by our Year Six classes. Whole group skills and resilience building have also been addressed in school wide classroom programs.

Counselling for childre​n needing social / emotional support due to social or behavioural difficulties, loss and grief, or strong emotions is also a significant focus of the role. In a therapeutic setting, children are given the opportunity to express feelings and work towards solutions to their problems and difficulties. Counselling is available for children individually or in small groups.