Frequently Asked Questions


Arrive for school early: It is strongly recommended that you arrive no earlier than 8.15am.  OSHC is available if you arrive before then.  8.15am is the starting time for supervision provided by our staff. Students must be seated on the steps in the Multipurpose Area until advised by the teacher that they can play.

Are absent from school: If you are unable to attend school, parents/carers should use the Parent Portal/BCE Connect App (preferred) or telephone the Office to inform the school of your absence.  For a planned absence, a note/ email to inform the teacher is also required beforehand.  Should your child/ren be absent from school for greater than 10 days duration, please complete the 'Application of Exemption from Compulsory Schooling' form accessible via the Parent Portal or newsletter/website and then forward to the Office for processing.

Are late for school: Every effort should be made to arrive at school on time to prevent the disruptions caused by entering class after lessons have commenced. You should develop the habit of being punctual. If you arrive late, you must report with a parent/carer to the School Office to be signed in as late and to collect a 'late pass' (to be handed to the class teacher). If you regularly arrive late for school, contact with parents will need to occur.

Need to leave school during the day: You should present a parent/carer note requesting early departure to your class teacher and/or have your parents notify your early departure via the Parent Portal/email.  At the time when you are required to leave, your classroom teacher will tell you and you will then go directly to the Student Services Window at the School Office, to be signed out and recorded as having departed early.  You will then be directed to your parent/carer, who will be waiting in Reception, to escort you from the school grounds.

Are unable to wear the correct uniform: A parent/carer note should be written in your Planner or emailed explaining the reason for your incorrect dress. It is expected that such occurrences would be rare, if at all, as we expect the correct uniform is worn and well maintained at all times.

Repeatedly wear incorrect or untidy uniform: Contact will need to occur with home, the student will be allowed to return only in neat, correct uniform.

Are unable to take part in PE/sport/activities: Unless the reason is physically obvious (e.g. plaster, crutches), a parent/carer note should be written in your Planner for your class teacher's attention and if needed, presented to your PE teacher or the teacher organising the activity.

Are unable to complete homework/bring required gear: A parent/carer note in your Planner is required to indicate the reason and should be shown to your teacher.

Are absent for a test/project deadline: This depends on your age level.  Contact your classroom teacher to discuss.

Are using the school's computer resources: Make sure you know and follow the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy and other school guidelines and practices for sound and safe usage of these facilities, and for taking care of this valuable equipment. In particular, using another student's password or files, accessing pornographic, violent or other offensive sites, downloading or storing files such as games or music for personal or non-school purposes, sending any sort of offensive or threatening messages or graphics to others, publishing any material about others without permission, and interfering in any way with hardware or network features are always regarded as serious offences against acceptable use and the school behaviour code.  As such, they would attract serious consequences. The school logo or other images or words identifying St Elizabeth's or staff, other students in uniform or without consent, must not be posted on personal or shared sites.

Are travelling to and from school: Remember that any time you are in uniform, you are representing St Elizabeth's, and your manners, behaviour and dress standard need to ensure you are a good ambassador. 

Are participating in an excursion, cultural or sporting event: As above, you are representing our school. Ensure your participation is your best effort, and your actions are sporting, respectful and appropriate to the occasion. Online permission forms will need to be completed by your parent/carer promptly.

Feel sick or suffer an injury: If you are on the playground, let the teacher on duty know. They will assess the situation and issue you with a First Aid card which you take to the Staffroom.  All visits to the First Aid Room are recorded in our First Aid Register. Parents/carers are contacted if you are unable to return to class or for a significant issue, therefore the Parent Portal should be kept up to date with your emergency contact details.

Take medication: All medication is to be sent to the Office clearly marked with your child's name and pharmacy label, along with the completed 'Student Medication Request Form' and if an ongoing medical issue, an IHCP (Individual Healthcare Plan). These forms can be downloaded from our e-newsletter, website or Parent Portal.

Find property: If you do not know who the owner is, give it to a teacher or hand into the Office. You must not take and keep lost property as it belongs to someone else.

Lose property: All items of clothing and belongings need to be clearly labelled so that lost property can be identified. You should check for items of lost clothing items in the lost property basket (located outside of the First Aid Room).

Have money to pay school: Any money being paid to the school should be in a sealed envelope, marked with your name, class and purpose. Money should be handed to your class teacher or at the Office on arrival.

Have money or valuables at school: You should not have large amounts of money or valuables with you at school. The school cannot and will not accept responsibility for such valuables. 

Bring a mobile phone to school: If you need to bring a mobile it needs to be turned off and handed in to the office when you arrive at school. It is then to be collected as you leave school in the afternoon.

Have changed your address/phone number or circumstances: Your parents/carers should inform the school as soon as possible via the Parent Portal. It is important that your details are kept up to date as we may need to make contact in an emergency. You can update your details via clicking the 'Update Details' tile on the Parent Portal.

Wish to see our Guidance Officer: You need to ask your class teacher or parents who will contact the Guidance Officer.

Are feeling unsafe: Speak privately to a Student Protection Contact – the names are listed in the Office. You could also talk to a trusted staff member.

Are worried about something: It is best to seek help and advice from a trusted person. At school, this could be a staff member, class teacher or 'buddy'.