Student Health


Medical Re​​cords

In the case of any medical conditions, it is the parent's responsibility ​to ensure that all the necessary medical details are recorded in full (via completing the  Indivi​dual Health Care Plan) and that the school office is notified immediately of any change in circumstances, (e.g., home address, medical conditions, emergency contact persons, and phone numbers). 

In case of minor accidents, suitable first aid will be administered by the staff. In the event of serious injury, parents will be contacted imm​ediately and appropriate medical assistance sought.  If parents, or the other authorised adult, are unable to be contacted, the School Principal will seek the appropriate medical assistance.  Parents are requested to keep children at home in times of sickness.  Should a child become ill at school and is unable to take part in normal classes, parents will be contacted and requested to collect the child.  No sick child will ever be sent home unless a parent or other authorised adult comes to collect the child from school.

Contagious Dise​ases

The school is obligated to follow the Health Department's exclusion regulations. Please refer to the Recommended Exclusion Periods for Infectious Conditions produced by the Australian Government's National Health & Medical Research Council.


What happens if your child gets head lice?

Don't panic - Most children have head lice at some time in their school life. Begin treatment immediately and check for effectiveness. Send your child bac​k to school as soon as effective treatment has commenced. Your child is not a risk to others as long as treatment has commenced. 

Let your child's teacher kn​ow. It is most likely th​at others in the class also have head lice. We can then advise all families to check every 2 days (and treat if head lice are found). This decreases the chance of your child getting head lice back again. 

For more information see​ the Head Lice Fact Sheet available on the Queensland Health Website.