Nuts and Anaphylaxis

​​​​​The most common form of anaphylaxis is peanut allergy. It has been a collaborative decision that at this stage,  St Elizabeth’s will not claim to be nut free. However, we do encourage parents to choose alternatives other than peanut products in particular nuts, nut bars, peanut butter and Nutella. 

Teachers will speak to all stud​​ents about peanut allergies. If children know they have nuts or peanut products in their lunch there is a designated seating area for the consumption of nut products. Children sit on this chair to eat their lunch and then wash their hands with soap and water.​

All medication, including Epipens and Ventolin puffers, are​​ stored centrally in the First Aid Room beside the School Office.  Medication is only administered under staff supervision and recorded in a central register.  Most staff have current senior First Aid Certificates, and undertake ​refresh​er courses on the correct use of Epipens in emergencies. 

Our approach to anaphy​​laxis is one of education as opposed to complete exclusion, added to this is age appropriate communication and care between home and school.