​The purposes of homework are as follows:

  • to encourage personal study habits,
  • to practise skills in specific areas (e.g., reading, spelling), and
  • to provide an opportunity for individuals to finish activities not completed within class time.

Generally, the tasks set will complement the work already addressed in the classroom.


  • Homework will be set on weeknights and is expected to be completed.
  • No homework is set for weekends or holidays.  Sometimes children in upper grades will receive contracts to do over several weeks.
  • There will be a planned homework program for each class. Information for major research projects are normally completed at school.
  • The teacher's approach to homework is explained to parents at the initial parent/teacher meeting at the beginning of the year.
  • Parents are expected to encourage and support the child with homework tasks, but not to correct them.  If the child experiences difficulties, it is important to inform the class teacher.
  • Teachers will supervise the correction of homework on a regular basis.  If homework is not produced on a regular basis, parents will be informed by the class teacher.
  • Some teachers use ‘A Homework Grid’.  The manner in which this works will be explained at the Parent Teacher Evening at the commencement of the year.

Daily times per year level (provided as a guide only for the average child) including written and non-written component, are as follows:

​Year One10 - 15 minutes
​Year Two​10 - 20 minutes
​Year Three​20 - 30 minutes
​Year Four​20 - 30 minutes
​Year Five​30 - 40 minutes
​Year Six​30 - 40 minutes​