Dress Code

​At St Elizabeth's School, children are encouraged to dress appropriately and take pride in their general appearance. Because we wish to ​​foster community spirit and a sense of belonging, it is expected that children wear the correct school uniforms


  • Wearing the correct full school uniform is a condition of enrolment. Parents should explain any deviation from this in writing to the Principal.
  • Sports uniforms should be worn only on the days required.
  • No hat, no outdoor play!  All children are expected to wear their school hats any time they are outdoors.
  • The use of a SPF 30​+ broad-spectrum sunscreen on uncovered areas of the skin, such as the face and the back of hands is encouraged.
  • Boys are expected to wear their socks up.
  • With the exception of the following:
    • a watch (not including smart watches that can call or text)
    • a cross or crucifix on a chain, and
    • plain sleepers or studs (with safety catches) in each ear no jewellery is to be worn.  This includes ‘coloured clothes day’.
  • Hairstyles should be appropriate. Students with long hair (over shoulder length) must be tied back completely with the appropriate coloured ribbons or ‘scrunchies’ (white or blue with school uniform and gold with sports uniform). Hair should not be dyed. Boys’ hair should not exceed shoulder length. Tracks are not acceptable.
  • Fingernails should be cut short and kept clean and unpolished. (No fingernail polish).