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 End of Term

Welcome to the last week of the term. It’s hard to believe that we have been at school for almost thirty weeks. I would hope that as families reflect, progress for each student in the areas of learning and socialisation, can be seen. Let’s remember that each person’s path in life is different, and this is the same for learning. No child is the same, even siblings. Celebrating the success of each individual is incredibly important.

Please note that school will conclude at 3.00pm this Friday and resume on Tuesday, 3rd October for all students. Term 4 will be busy and go quickly with a number of ‘end of year’ events and celebrations occurring over the nine weeks. A swimming carnival, intensive swimming lessons, Awesome Evening of the Arts and the Year 6 Graduation are just a few events that many of our families will be involved in. I would encourage our students and families to cherish each day of Term 4.