St Elizabeth's Feast Day

St Elizabeth’s Feast Day is the 17th November. This important date in our school calendar will be acknowledged on Friday 15th November​.  St Elizabeth will be remembered during our liturgy for the opening and blessing.  Just as St Elizabeth served her community, providing aid to the poor, we will be raising funds for Catholic Missions during the middle session.  Each year level has decided on a stall to do this.  Students will take turns running the stalls, so they are given the chance to contribute in a meaningful way to the fundraising.  They will also have plenty of time to participate in the activities.  Prices to purchase or participate in activities will range from 50c to $2.00.  All funds will be donated to Catholic Missions.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  

  • Prep – Disco 
  • Year 1 -  Lego and colouring/drawing 
  • Year 2 – Hoop Toss 
  • Year 3 – Sports Activities 
  • Year 4 – Goods made from recycled items 
  • Year 5 – Ten Pin Bowling 
  • Year 6 – Pet Rocks, Key Tags

As we continue through this week, we keep those affected by the devasting bushfires in our thoughts and prayers.  

Hear our prayers, O God, 
For the efforts to quench the fires that rage in our land, 
And, sustaining our spirits, 
Keep us from all harm and give success to the work of our hands. 
Through Christ our Lord,