COVID-19 Update

Over the past two weeks, families have received regular communications regarding COVID-19.  This will continue as new information comes to hand.  We are regularly reviewing all of our practices particularly in the area of 'social distancing'.  Thank you to all families who have been understanding during this most challenging time. 

As we aim to minimise the students' and staff's exposure to elements outside of the school and to effectively stay within the physical boundaries of the school's grounds, please note the following:

  • School photos are postponed until Term 2 or 3;

  • Cross country is postponed to Term 2;

  • The Uniform Shop is closed until further notice;

  • The Tuckshop is closed until further notice;

  • Year 3 Clarinet lessons are postponed.

Please consider entry into the front office for only essential purposes.  This includes an amendment to the late arrivals and early departures processes.  We would encourage families to call the office directly as their child either enters the office (late arrival) with an explanation or calls ahead (early departure) and the child will meet the parent at the front sliding doors of the school.  Your health and the health of our office staff is vitally important at this time.

Teaching staff will continue to prepare 'alternate learning activities' and an initial suite of these activities will be released shorlty, due to an increasing number of families deciding to 'self-isolate'.