Vision for Learners

​​St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School aims to support and assist students to achieve to their potential as wholistic people who have loved to ​learn and learned to love. Our goal for students at St Elizabeth’s is the development of creative, adaptable, reflective, enthus​iastic students in three key areas:

Heads - t​he development of wisdom:

W​​  ‘World View’ students who are active, discerning, life long learners.​
​I ​Independent and Interdependant.
S​ ​Self directed learners who investigate, plan and create using effective, contemporary tools.
​D ​Develop deep knowledge as well as broad understandings.
​O ​Open to the development of a range of intelligences.
​M ​Maintain high standards for themselves, as well as community standards for behaviour, effort, respect

Hearts - the​ development of love:

​L ​Literate and active, both religiously and sacramentally.
​O ​Ongoing stewards of God’s creation, including selves, others and the environment.
​V ​Very high standards of ethics and morals that reinforce Catholic values.
​E ​Emotionally intelligent and aware


Hands - the developmen​t of actions:

​A Active examples of Catholic values by observance to the people of Jesus Christ,
St Elizabeth and Nano Nagle​
​C ​Challengers of selves and established norms.
​T ​Take pride in the production of high quality work.
​I Improve their world through their contribution.
​O ​Ongoing commitment to social justice.
​N ​Naming of goals and persisting until successful.
​S ​Successes which are identified and celebrated.