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 Vision for Learners

St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School aims to support and assist students to achieve to their potential as wholistic people who have loved to learn and learned to love. Our goal for students at St Elizabeth’s is the development of creative, adaptable, reflective, enthusiastic students in three key areas:

Heads - the development of wisdom:

W​​  ‘World View’ students who are active, discerning, life long learners.​
​I ​Independent and Interdependant.
S​ ​Self directed learners who investigate, plan and create using effective, contemporary tools.
​D ​Develop deep knowledge as well as broad understandings.
​O ​Open to the development of a range of intelligences.
​M ​Maintain high standards for themselves, as well as community standards for behaviour, effort, respect

Hearts - the development of love:

​L ​Literate and active, both religiously and sacramentally.
​O ​Ongoing stewards of God’s creation, including selves, others and the environment.
​V ​Very high standards of ethics and morals that reinforce Catholic values.
​E ​Emotionally intelligent and aware


Hands - the development of actions:

​A Active examples of Catholic values by observance to the people of Jesus Christ,
St Elizabeth and Nano Nagle​
​C ​Challengers of selves and established norms.
​T ​Take pride in the production of high quality work.
​I Improve their world through their contribution.
​O ​Ongoing commitment to social justice.
​N ​Naming of goals and persisting until successful.
​S ​Successes which are identified and celebrated.