Frequently Asked Questions

​​What do I do if my child will be away from school ?

A phone call to the school office on the morning of the ab​sence (prior to 9a.m.) ensures that both home and school know the whereabouts of the child for the day.  Absences from school must then be confirmed in writing, explaining the circumstances to the class teacher, on the child's return to school.

A note to the Principal, through the class teacher, is required if children are to leave school during school hours for any purpose. Please note: You must sign in at the School Office before collecting your children.   If children are to be taken out of ​​school for any length of time (e.g., holiday, hospitalisation), both the Principal and class teacher need to be notified in writing as soon as possible.  The Qld Government requires that an 'Application for Exemption from Compulsory Schooling (Non-State School)' form is completed for absences longer than 10 days duration.

How does the school handle custody matt​​ers?

When the school is given proof that custody of a child rests with one parent only, the school will do what it can to ensure that​​ parent's rights.  Should the child need to be collected by a person other than the person who has legal custody, the legal guardian must put this in writing and forward this information to the school.

In all matters of this nature, the school will​ act in accordance with court documents and will at all times remain impartial.

Where can I find lost property?

​​​Lost Property is held near the office. Parents should encourage children to check the basket when items have been lost.  It is essential that all property, especially clothing, be marked clearly with the child's name.  (We encourage the use of iron-on individual nametags.)  Regular checks are essential to ensure that the name is still visible. Our Lost Property basket is cleared at the end of each term and all items are sent to our second-hand clothing store.

Do you allow mobile phones at school?

In light of the impact that mobile phones can have in a school setting, particularly when they are misused or go missing, it is our policy that mobile phones should not be brought to school. ​​

In the rare event that they ar​​e needed, a letter should be sent to school and the mobile will be stored in the office until 3pm. The purpose of this policy is not to punish, but to protect!

Do you have school banking?

A school banking program exists with the Co​​mmonwealth Bank. Children can make deposits on a weekly basis. 

When are the school photos?

Class, individual, and family photos are taken each year and details are made available during the year.  Photos need to be prepaid before Ph​oto Day.

What are the pre-requisites my child needs at school?

All belongings need to be clearly marked with child's name a​​nd class. Stationery and necessary books (as per Book List)  must be available for each child's use on the first day of the school year.  Each child is expected to have his/her own requisites, (e.g., writing implements, glue, scissors). Some items may need renewing each term.