​Pres​cribed Medication

Prescribed medicatio​n will only be administered under the following conditions.

  • No drugs, prescription or otherwise, are administered by the school except in certain circumstances, where it is necessary for a student to take medicine on a medical practitioner's orders during school hours.  Parents are requested to notify the school in writing, provide the correct dosage for the period in question, and provide a medical certificate indicating the necessity for the drugs to be administered at school. - see Medication Form (link above)
  • All medication will be kept in a secure place in the school office until it is required.  A register of all prescribed medication will be kept in the First Aid Room.  No medication is to be kept in the classroom or in school bags.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to collect unused or expired medication. Expired medication will be disposed of by the school if not collected by the parent.
  • First Aid is an important priority for the staff of St Elizabeth's School.  Most staff members have Senior First Aid Certificates whilst one member of staff is trained to an advanced level.  All major incidents are treated in the First Aid Room/Sick Bay which is located adjacent to the Office.  Parents are always notified in the case of any serious incidents.

Non-Prescri​​bed Medication

Non-prescribed oral medication (such as cough medicine) will not be administered by school staff unless there is a letter outlining the amount of medication and the times and conditions under which the medication is to be administered. It must be in its original packaging.

​Asthma Medi​cation

All medication, including Ventolin puffers and spacers, are stored centrally in the First Aid Room beside the School Office. Medication is only administered under staff supervision and recorded in a central register. In extreme cases of asthma, when a nebuliser needs to be used, parents are encouraged to administer this personally. If this is not possible, they should make a written request to the school for consideration.