Volunteer Information

​​We are very fortunate to have a number of people who volunteer to help out in various ways at St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School.

We are also protective of our children and school community.  We are now required by law to ensure all volunteers (including parents of St Elizabeth's students) undergo student protection training. Brisbane Catholic Education has developed a training package to help facilitate this process. Please click on the link below to complete the online training. If you complete the training via a portable device, you may only be able to generate the Volunteer Register Sheet if you are connected to a printer.



​As a volu​​nteer, you are required to complete the on​line course and sign the Volunteer Register sheet and return it to the school office.

This​​ only needs to be done once per year - you are then added to a central volunteer register and are covered for each time you interact with the school.

We require all volunteers to sign in and out of the ​front office when working in the school.