Management, Organisation & Safety


At St Eliza​​beth’s Catholic primary school, effective management and organisation involves a cyclical process incorporating strategic planning, enactment, and evaluation. We aim to provide a safe learning and working environment by complying with current legislation, to support the safety and wellbeing of our students, parents, voluntary workers and others who visit the school.


St Elizabeth's School​ is committed to a high quality inclusive Catholic education, achieved by effective financial resource management and organisation, through our strategic planning. We provide an environment which protects the emotional and physical well-being of our students, staff, volunteers and visitors to the school premises, under the governance of Workplace Health and Safety Act of Brisbane Catholic Education.


As Cat​holic Educators we hold fundamental values that are foundations to our work with students, parents and colleagues. We value:

  • Collaboration and subsidiarity –
    Using shared wisdom in decision making.
  • Mutual accountability -
    Reporting on the degree to which our intentions are realised.
  • Catholic Christian Community –
    A community that does not exist for itself but is empowered by the Spirit to be at the service of others.

Procedures​​, Events & Activities

A range of procedures, events and activities underpin St Elizabeth’s Management, Organisation and Safety Policy:

Strategic Planning

  • School Master Plan
  • School Maintenance Plan
  • Strategic Renewal Plan: Reflection, Evaluation and Review
  • Technology


  • Professional Goal Setting
  • Professional Development Portfolio
  • Accreditation in Religious Education


  • Fee Schedule
  • Methods of Fee Payment
  • Voluntary Donations to the School Building Fund
  • Fee Concessions
  • Non-Payment of Fees

Student Enrolments and Placement

School Uniform

  • Uniform Shop
  • Uniform Regulations
  • Uniform Regulations – Free Dress Day
  • Lost Property

Arrivals, Departures and Absences from School

  • Car Park Pick Up
  • Car Park  Drop Off
  • Student Arrivals/Departures During School Hours
  • Absenteeism
  • Playground Duties

Medical Matters

Student Protection

  • Feeling Safe Program
  • Safety House
  • Volunteers in Schools
  • Sign on Procedures
  • Family Law Disputes / Child Access
Behaviour Management

Use of Technology

  • Mobile Phones
  • Digital Cameras

Emergency Evacuation

  • Internal Siege /  Hostage Threat
  • Internal Siege /  Hostage Threat (Lock Down)
  • Fire / Bomb Threat
  • External Siege / Hostage Threat (No Sounding of Alarm)
  • Severe Storm / Cyclone
  • Fatality or Accident Where Death Results


  • Events and Activities Calendar
  • Specialist Lessons
  • Swimming Lessons and Carnivals
  • Sports Carnivals

Camps, Excursions and Incursions


  • School Fete and Art Show
  • Sponsorship
  • Sydney / Canberra Trip
  • Other Events


  • Cleaning
  • Handling of Food

Use of School Property

  • Hire Agreements
  • Safety Regulations
  • Use of School Facilities Outside School Hours​