Our Staff

​One of the strengths of our school is our caring staff – from those who welcome your child into their classroom to those who welcome you at the front ​​office.​


Peter Griffin


Bronwyn Stutz

​Primary Learning Leader
​​Marita Fox

Year 6 Blue

Mary Miocevic

​Year 5 Red
​Cameron Wicks

Year 5 Blue

Helen Stockley and Liz Hill

Year 4 Red

Gabrielle Nivison-Smith

Year 4 Blue

Rebecca Stillwell

Year 3 Red

Brigitte Egan

Year 3 Blue

Lauren Petty

Year 3 Gold

Louise Wickins and Lucy Snell

Year 2 Red

Nicole Scott

Year 2 Blue

Darren Graham

Year 1 Red

Cassandra Smith

Year 1 Blue

Venesa Simic

Prep Blue

Danielle Johnston

Prep Red​

Caitlin McGinniskin

Teacher Librarian

Therese Curran

Library Aide

Pauline Orgill

Literacy Coach

Alison Ready

​Learning Extension and Enhancement

​Jane Goddard

Support Teacher - Inclusive Education

Sally Stevens

Music Teacher/Arts Coordinator

Anne Flood

Visual Arts Teacher​

Lucy Hamer

HPE Teacher

Melissa Watson

L.O.T.E. Teacher

Fiona Rice

Guidance Counsellor

Kathy Casley

School Secretary

Jane Larkin

School Fees Secretary

Bronwyn Neeve

Communications Secretary

Kirsten Smallcombe

​WHS School Officer
​Davina Jordan
School Officers

​Susan Chester
Marina Pennisi
Luisa Pigozzo-Brown
Melissa Watson
Jane Sizer
Mary Lenarduzzi
Cherie Barry​
Christie Marshall

Prep Assistants

Maureen Samios
Fiona Wright

Tuckshop Convenor

Lena Harrington


​Lindsay Mullin

Uniform Shop Convenor

Christine Murphy

OSHC Coordinator

Kylie MacKenzie

Instrumental Music Teacher

Mac Clough

Parish Priest

Fr Scot Armstrong