Our Staff

​One of the strengths of our school is our caring staff – from those who welcome your child into their classroom to those who welcome you at the front ​​office.​


Peter Griffin


Bronwyn Stutz

​Primary Learning Leader​​Marita Fox

Year 6 Blue

Mary Miocevic

Year 5 Blue

Helen Stockley and Liz Hill

Year 4 Red

Gabrielle Nivison-Smith

Year 4 Blue

Michelle Gavin

Year 3 Red

Desley Hartley

Year 3 Blue

Darren Graham

Year 2 Red

Lucy Snell and Alison Ready

Year 2 Blue

Aliese  Bittenbinder

Year 2 Gold

Mel Quincey

Year 1 Red

Cassandra Smith

Year 1 Blue

Venesa Simic

Prep Blue

Danielle Johnston

Prep Red​

Caitlin McGinniskin

Teacher Librarian

Therese Curran

Library Aide

Pauline Orgill

Literacy Coach

Kate Kealey

​Learning Extension and Enhancement

​Jane Goddard

Support Teacher - Inclusive Education

Sally Stevens

Music Teacher/Arts Coordinator

Anne Flood

Visual Arts Teacher

Lucy Hamer

HPE Teacher

Melissa Watson

L.O.T.E. Teacher

Fiona Rice

Guidance Counsellor

Judy Butler

School Secretary

Jane Larkin

School Fees Secretary

Bronwyn Neeve

Communications Secretary

Kirsten Smallcombe

​WHS School Officer
​Daneile Holmes
School Officers

​Susan Chester
Marina Pennisi
Luisa Pigozzo-Brown
Melissa Watson
Jane Sizer
Mary Lenarduzzi
Cherie Barry

Prep Assistants

Maureen Samios
Fiona Wright

Tuckshop Convenor

Lena Harrington


​Lindsay Mullin

Uniform Shop Convenor

Christine Murphy

OSHC Coordinator

Kylie MacKenzie

Instrumental Music Teacher

Mac Clough

Parish Priest

Fr Scot Armstrong